with BeeTeal

Working with BeeTeal means creating a clear governance framework and allowing oneself to be different. It means combining pragmatism and freedom to strengthen the organisation.

After a comprehensive review, we provide tailored recommendations. A holistic approach to the organisation for a sustainable and lasting relationship.

At BeeTeal, we take three main approaches to meeting your needs: 


HR Consultant and Expert

  • We create the necessary framework for your success.
  • We show you the path you need to follow.
  • We work with you to achieve your goals.
  • We work with you to identify your mission requirements and hourly contingency needs, providing true human resources expertise as if you had an integrated department. It is a flexible organisation that can be adapted to all SMEs and organisations. 

Mediator and Facilitator

  • We create a safe environment where you can discuss differences openly and with a sense of calm and productivity. 
  • We reduce tensions and frustrations and promote harmonious cooperation. 
  • We reconcile divergent points of view. 
  • We defuse delicate situations, resolve tensions and reduce conflict to achieve better team dynamics. 

    Trainer and Mentor-Coach 

    • We stimulate growth, transformation and positive change. 
    • We help you to develop collectively, individually and professionally. 
    • We share our expertise, knowledge and skills to help you realise your full potential.
    • We strengthen your self-confidence and self-reliance so that you can be successful.

      At BeeTeal, we are committed to guiding you to excellence, fostering fruitful collaboration within your organisation and helping you achieve your goals with confidence and success

      Experience a collaboration with BeeTeal



      and listening


      Mapping the

      HR issues, challenges

      and needs



      the roadmap

      in co-construction mode



      and outreach

      in partnership


      A renewed HR





      Immersion and listening


      • Listening to understand the difficulties, issues, tensions, challenges…
      • Grasping the intangible for holistic recommendations
      • Understanding the functioning of the organisation in its broadest sense
      • Naming in order to appease

      The results

      • Laying down some emotions
      • Releasing energies, unburdening, unlocking
      • Awakening the desire to move forward
      • Awakening curiosity
      • Encouraging trust to create bonds

      The method

      • Interviews with the executive board, management
      • Interviews with the team
      • Reading of key documents
      • Attendance at some meetings
      • Attendance at the premises

      Mapping of HR issues, challenges and needs


      • Draw up an audit and overview of the current situation
      • identify areas of work needed
      • Identification of priorities
          • « Quick wins »
          • Area for immediate action
          • Short, long and medium term actions
          • Identification of levers for change
          • “Small steps, big ways”

      The results

      • Take a step back and/or upwards
      • Respect and combine sometimes conflicting needs at first sight
      • Have a holistic experience that takes the whole system into account
      • Balance emotion and reason to give maximum scope to the effort
      • Combine emotional intelligence and technical tools to increase performance and efficiency

      The method

      • Complementary use of our “Foundation” tools and proven methods
      • Articulation of tools (Leadership & Management, Systemic, etc.) and emotional intelligence (feelings)
      • Use of experience and rigour
      • A holistic and pragmatic approach linking business, needs and solutions

        Elaboration of the roadmap in joint construction


        • Agree on a roadmap and timetable, and anchor in pragmatism: choosing, staggering and aligning with priorities and agenda
        • Align with the type of intervention: consultance, mediation, workshops and facilitation, or mentoring and coaching
        • Co-construct innovative solutions to energise
        • Create structure to free people
        • Propose a framework for emotions
        • Combine, conjuge, mix, because everything is alive 
        • Introduce a structural and structuring approach

        The results

        • Setting in motion
        • Giving vision, direction and concrete meaning to sometimes worn out HR concepts
        • Strengthening trust and connection to develop true partnership and maximum efficiency
        • Taking a step back and encouraging nurturing reflection
        • Combining pragmatism and freedom to strengthen the organisation
        • Creating in co-construction a safe framework as prior to freedom
        • Offering an ecological vision of relationships

        The method

        • Sharing and coordination meetings with management and/or leaders and/or employees
        • Linking with resources: time, money, availability, linking with other ongoing projects

        Implementation and outreach in partnership


        • Deploy and monitor actions in the roadmap
        • Realign, revamp, renovate HR fundamentals
        • Regularly review the roadmap to meet needs

        The results

        • Passing on HR knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills
        • Reviving a constructive dynamic
        • Proposing new postures
        • Acting and implementing collective decisions for the good of the organisation and one’s own good
        • Strengthening trust in the teams and in the organisation:
            • New momentum, new enthusiasm
            • Unlocked, liberated energies
            • We no longer undergo, we dare!

        The method

        • Workshops, training, mentoring, support…
        • In partnership: iterative steps, constant adaptation taking into account the reality of your business, flexibility and adaptation to the priority needs of the moment, pragmatism and adaptation to the events that occur (departures, impediments, resistance to change…)
        • Small steps that adapt, big precise ways that emerge

        A renewed HR framework welcoming collective intelligence

        Efficiency, performance and added value

        • Focus on business all day and not on human problems
        • Have a more efficient organisation because it naturally evolves, changes and transforms when necessary
        • Structure an organisation that is more resilient and therefore better able to withstand periods of transition and change while remaining flexible and avoiding major crises.
        • Structure a more confident organisation, one that grows, develops and matures because its teams and people are more effective.

        Meaning and motivation

        • Employees can reach their full potential, are motivated (again)
        • There is a better understanding of who does what and how roles interrelate to increase efficiency, reduce ego or power struggles and speed up decision making
        • We learn to dare to say what is wrong confidently to trigger transformation and dare to be authentic


        • Employees find the right place to feel good and develop their skills to the full.
        • Teams work with collective intelligence because trust is high and dialogue and consultation are positive and dynamic.
        • The atmosphere is constructive and conducive to growth and development.

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